Frank van Wezel
18 August 2022

Frank van Wezel

Frank van Wezel started Duca del Cosma Golf in 2017 and is launching DUCA walking shoes this fall. His ultimate dream is to allow everyone to enjoy his two passions: sports and staying healthy!

The first impression you get of Frank is a charismatic and passionate person whose love for life and family comes first! In the business world, he is known as an enthusiastic and driven entrepreneur with a hands-on approach. He also brings this enthusiasm to his employees. He is closely involved in all decisions regarding the new walking brand DUCA!

He still personally responds to every email he receives from a customer, as his email address is included in every shoebox. His wife, Caroline van Wezel, plays an important role in the creative field at Duca del Cosma Golf and DUCA Walking.

Frank's opinion is that walking is top sport! Once, as the main sponsor of the Nijmegen 4-day march, he fired the starting shot for 50,000 walkers at the world's largest multi-day walking event. This was in his capacity as Chairman of Hi-Tec Sports, a company he founded himself in 1974. Frank has embraced walking and wants more and more people, young and old, to participate in walking. "Do you know that there is no other sport in the Netherlands in which so many young children participate? Frank refers to the four-day evening marches organized at all primary schools in the Netherlands". "Just imagine - all those children who come into contact with walking at a young age"! And then all those people who started walking during Corona. His advice is therefore: just go for a walk - then you will live much longer. Come on, put on your DUCA's!